Guest Researchers

Photo Name Country Project title SUMMARY
Tibor Skala (Szkála Tibor) Croatia 3D thermal imaging system for the monitoring of human body energy dissipation Thermography has been used for decades by biologist and clinicians to assist with diagnosis of biomechanical and medical physiology problems. Infrared thermography also known as thermal imaging can provide accurate, nondestructive information about the thermal envelope performance (thermal texture) of any objects or organism. The project aim is a non-invasive imaging technology to allow monitoring of energy dissipation processes at organism. This technology is based on integration of visible 3D imaging and thermal imaging principles. New multidimensional dynamics thermography technology represents the enhanced imaging which provide quantifiable multidimensional and multispectral data sets. The real-time scanning component of the system provides the possibility of tracking the movement of a human subject for automatic ROI detection and dynamic motion compensation, while the high-resolution component provides acquisition of detailed 3D thermal models which are more suitable for analysis. The emphasis of this research is the presentation of the novel concept of the 3D thermal imaging system integration and calibration.